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Showing Agent

So many buyers. So many homes. So many listings flying off the shelf. Time truly is of the essence to give your buyers a fighting chance. Let Leverage Power step in to help.


We’re all over this. Scheduling the showings. Confirming the schedule with your buyer. Touring the homes and providing your buyer with a property flyer for each home. And, following up with you to provide any feedback.


If this is the first time you’ve used this service, we’ll connect to discuss your preferred approach to home tours. Do you want a more hands-off approach? Or, do you want the features, benefits and any major drawbacks discussed? It’s your preference that matters and it’s what we’ll honor when we conduct the tour.


There are other ways to use this service – think, inspections, final walk-throughs, or just because (you know, when your buyers need the joy of seeing their dream home once again).


We love this part. It will show! And we’re so happy to help you!

Showing Agent

    • Types of Buyer Home Tours - Find the Dream Home, Inspections, Final Walk-trough, Just Because
    • Scheduling, Confirmation, Showing, Agent Follow-up
    • Follows Agent Approach to Conducting Showings
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